Products >GC20698 series Long arm heavy duty compound feed lockstitcher

Function Introduction

Sewing speed:1200~1800R.P.M
Compound feed,big hook,working space:635*100~1000*100mm
Singlle/double/three needles,automatic thread trimmer,pneumatic operation
Suitable for bamboo mat,tent,car cover,parachuters,sails and other large workpiece

This model is derived from GC20618. The long arm flat bed gives a wid-er working space. The presser foot can be ited manually or by fool treadle.The bobbin winder on lop and in middle of the machine head makes the sewing operation very easy It features smooth machine running, low noise and machine durability, available for stitching car covers, car seats, safety belts,tents, parachutes, gliding parachutes, sails and other large workpiece.
GC20698-1/-2 Single needle / Twin-needle long arm heavy duty compoundfeed lockstitcher.
GC20698- 1D/-2D Single needle/ Twin-needle long arm heavy duly compoundfeed lockstitcher with auto thread trimmer,
GC20698-1L/-2L Single needle/ Twin-needle long arm heavy duty compoundfeed lockstitcher (Pneumatic foot lifter and pneumatic reverse feeding).
GC20698-3L Shree-needle long arm heavy duty compound feed lockstitcher(Pneumatic foot lifer and pneumatic reverse feeding.for mat only)

Product Parameters


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